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New Site to Use Social Media, Debates and Prizes to Impact Sports

A new sports community based website called UsDailySports.com focuses on all major sports, where fans can view scores, post blogs, participate in polls, read news, debate with other sport fans, play contests, and win prizes.

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) February 26, 2010 -- Tiger Woods has officially issued his apology, the sport of boxing is still trying to ink a mega-bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, a wreck in Daytona ruined Danica Patrick's NASCAR debut, but a new sports community website says it has the answers and fan interaction to put all of the day's sporting news, scandals, and developments into perspective.

"We've created an interactive community for average sports fans so everybody can interact, play, have fun, and not just read news," said Marcin Taranta, a spokesman for USDailySports.com

The new community site, its developers say, spun from a dream of a sports fan who never found what he wanted from a sports site and is a place where everyone can express their own opinion, promote their own small sports blog, and interact with other sport fans.

"Night or day it's all about NFL, MLB, NHL,NBA, MMA, boxing and more," Taranta explained, before adding, "You can view scores, post blogs, participate in polls, read news, play Pick'em contest, and win prizes."

But the site developers aren't the only ones who think having a sports community site like this is a good idea.

According to a recent report, the launching of the community site could prove to have perfect timing with the general interest in sporting sites at an all-time high.

The report, conducted by Media Post, an online resource for all advertising media professionals, total revenues for US sports sites will reach $2.96 billion in 2012, up from $1.49 billion in 2007.

Marcus Harris, 31, of Houston, a sports fanatic, who has followed sports since age 10, said he loves the idea of interacting with other sports fans and being able to voice his opinion on the latest sporting news, scandals, and developments of the day.

"You always hear what the sportscasters like Tony Kornheiser, Michael Wilbon, the rest of the ESPN crew and others in the media think," Harris said. "But being a sports fan, I want to know what other sports fans like me are thinking and from what I see, this site gives all sports fans the power to do so."

USDailySport.com provides sports fans with a variety of interactive features, such as debates between two fans on any sports topic, where each fan has a chance to prove his argument and the community site members vote and decide the winner.

"Our users also generate and write interesting articles and upload photos on a daily basis where many of them are being posted all over the web," said Taranta.

"Our library of videos surpassed 40,000 videos from all around the web, all about sports and it continues to grow every day," he said. "Users can vote, comment, and share videos with their friends."

Each user has his or her own unique profile page which they can use to share their own pictures and videos. Users will also have their own profile space to blog about their favorite athletes and teams.

In addition, Taranta said, "Soon we are launching online Interactive Trivia where users will be able to create and answer all kinds of sports questions, get points, prizes, and compete against each other.
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