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Mikka (Buffalo, NY)

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  • Member Since:April 2008
  • Gender:Female
  • Age:29
  • Location:New York
  • Few words about me:I like to watch movies, live sports events. I really enjoy camping and other funny activities. Drop me a line if u want to chat.

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  • Height:5'8''
  • Weight:105-130
  • My website:I do not have one
  • Work:Marketing
  • Favorite Sports:Boxing,UFC,College Football
  • Favorite NFL Teams:Buffalo Bills
  • Favorite NBA Teams:i don't like basketball
  • Favorite WNBA Teams:i don't like basketball
  • Favorite NHL Teams:i don't like hockey
  • Favorite MLB Teams:i don't like baseball
  • Favorite MLS Teams:soccer is ok but i really don't have any favorite teams
  • Favorite MMA/Boxers:Bernard hopkins
  • Favorite Players:uppss there is so many.
  • Best Game I have ever seen:Buffalo Bills vs Houston Oilers 1993
  • Best Boxing/MMA match I have ever seen:Bernard Hopkins vs Felix Trinidad
  • Schools:Suny Buffalo
  • Favorite Video Games:Guitar Hero
  • Favorite Music:Smashing Pumpkins
  • Favorite Movies:Timber Falls,Cave..
  • Favorite TV Shows:Monk,Law & Order
  • Favorite Books:Steven king, The stand,Carrie,Firestarter
  • Favorite Food:Italian
  • Favorite Drinks:Texas Hulk
  • Favorite Cars:Land Rover
  • Hobbies:Biking,Hiking,Camping
  • Sports I Play:Volleyball

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The Edge Swing Harness

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Craig Robinson at the Playboy Mansion

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Mercedes-Benz Arena Vfb Stuttgart vs Arsenal,2008

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Allianz Arena soccer stadium

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Brock Lesnar sick tattoos

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