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Salem (Salem, MA)

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  • Member Since:September 2008
  • Gender:Female
  • Age:38
  • Location:Massachusetts
  • Few words about me:I am all about sports and live around healthy style. Love to go and watch NFL games and any Martial arts such us UFC events. I am recent college grad at BU. LOve ocean and cute guys.

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  • Height:5'8''
  • Weight:105-130
  • My website:I don't have one yet
  • Work:looking for something i would enjoy it, not something that i can make money on.
  • Favorite NFL Teams:Patriots,Giants,Steelers,Recently Cardinals
  • Favorite NBA Teams:Boston Celtics
  • Schools:Boston College
  • Favorite Video Games:Tekken, Metal gear solid
  • Favorite Music:Techno
  • Favorite Movies:The Shining 1980 with Jack Nicholson
  • Favorite TV Shows:I am not a big fan of tv shows.
  • Favorite Books:Healthy cooking series.
  • Favorite Food:Veggies,seafood
  • Favorite Drinks:Cosmo
  • Favorite Cars:BMW M5
  • Hobbies:Gymnastics,Gym, Healthy cooking, Photography

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Why didn't the Eagles blitz?

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Playbook: Eagles vs Cowboys - Part Two - Jan 6

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Three Blind Mice

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Baltimore Ravens vs Oakland Raiders Week 17,2009

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Ny Jets debating on how to beat Indianapolis Colts

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Tommy Kelly Okland Raiders lost his pants

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Thanks for the add, I am a new contributor/staffmember to's nice to meet you!


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yeah and baseball

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