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Ivan (Rochester, NY)

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  • Member Since:August 2008
  • Gender:Male
  • Age:33
  • Location:New York
  • Few words about me:Born in Rochester. I love tons of sports etc.. I am a moderator here so if u have a question etc please PM me.

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  • Height:5'7''
  • Weight:155-180
  • My website:Us Daily SPorts
  • Work:Manager in one of Local IT companies
  • Schools:RIT
  • Favorite Video Games:God of war, medal of honor, metal gear
  • Favorite Music:rock bands
  • Favorite Movies:Slasher stuff, gangster stuff & pulp fiction
  • Favorite TV Shows:Anything on ESPN, Jim Rome, Lost, House & Monk
  • Favorite Books:Lord of the Rings, Dragon Slayer & Eragon
  • Favorite Food:Chinese & Japenese (Sushi)
  • Favorite Drinks:Beer
  • Favorite Cars:Racing
  • Hobbies:Soccer, football, field hockey & lacross

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Best High jump you will ever see

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Alain Robert Climbs Hong Kong High Rise

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Texas stadium controlled explosion

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Trade Left Testicle For Super Bowl Tickets

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Tony Romo chatting with the coach

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Tony Romo at Minnesota Vikings,January 17,2010

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thx dude:)

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Nice profile.

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