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NFL 2010 Wild card predictions

3 days ago


NFL wild card picks and predictions
SAT, January 9, 2010 TIME (ET) TV


NY Jets vs Cincinnati 4:30pm NBC = Cincinnati

Philadelphia vs Dallas 8:00pm NBC = Philadelphia



SUN, January 10, 2010 TIME (ET) TV

Baltimore vs New England 1:00pm CBS = New England

Green Bay vs Arizona 4:40pm FOX = Green Bay

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Eagles take a shot at Cowboys Jumbotronicus

4 days ago


Jubotronicus lol.  Do you think that this animation will help the Eagles to beat the Cowboys?

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NFL week 17, predictions,2009

11 days ago


Week 17
SUN, January 3, 2010 TIME (ET) TV


San Francisco vs St. Louis (home) 1:00pm FOX = St. Louis

Jacksonville vs Cleveland (home) 1:00pm CBS = Cleveland

New Orleans vs Carolina (home) 1:00pm FOX = Carolina

NY Giants vs Minnesota (home) 1:00pm FOX = NY Giants

Indianapolis vs Buffalo (home) 1:00pm CBS = Indianapolis

Pittsburgh vs Miami (home) 1:00pm CBS = Pittsburgh

New England vs Houston (home) 1:00pm CBS = New England

Chicago vs Detroit (home) 1:00pm FOX = Detroit

Atlanta vs Tampa Bay (home) 1:00pm FOX = Tampa Bay

Philadelphia vs Dallas (home) 4:15pm FOX = Dallas

Tennessee vs Seattle (home) 4:15pm CBS = Tennessee

Washington vs San Diego (home) 4:15pm FOX = San Diego

Baltimore vs Oakland (home) 4:15 CBS = Baltimore

Kansas City vs Denver (home) 4:15pm CBS = Denver

Green Bay vs Arizona (home) 4:15pm FOX = Arizona

Cincinnati vs NY Jets (home) 4:15pm FOX = NY Jets

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Pittsburgh Steelers sign receiver Galloway

17 days ago


Joey Galloway was born on November 20, 1971. He was drafted by NFL in 1995 in round 1, pick 8. He played for Seattle Seahawks 1995-1999, Dallas Cowboys 2000-2003, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2004-2008, New England Patriots 2009 and Pittsburgh Steelers as of this morning. My question is why would you bring a veteran on the team? Isn't he a bit too old? via Post-gazzete


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NFL week 16, predictions,2009

18 days ago


Week 16
Friday, December 25 TIME (ET) TV

San Diego vs Tennessee (home) 7:30pm NFL = Tennessee

Week 16
SUN, December 27 TIME (ET) TV

Houston vs Miami (home) 1:00pm CBS = Miami

Baltimore vs Pittsburgh (home) 1:00pm CBS = Pittsburgh

Kansas City vs Cincinnati (home) 1:00pm CBS = Cinncinati

Buffalo vs Atlanta (home) 1:00pm CBS = Atlanta

Jacksonville vs New England (home) 1:00pm CBS = New England

Tampa Bay vs New orleans (home) 1:00pm FOX = New Orleans

Oakland vs Cleveland (home) 1:00pm CBS = Oakland

Carolina vs NY Giants (home) 1:00pm FOX = NY Giants

Seattle vs Green Bay (home) 1:00pm FOX = Green Bay

Detroit vs San Francisco (home) 4:05pm FOX = San Francisco

St. Louis vs Arizona (home) 4:05pm FOX = Arizona

Denver vs Philadelphia (home) 4:15 CBS = Philadelphia

NY Jets vs Indianapolis (home) 4:15pm CBS = Indianapolis

Dallas vs Washington (home) 8:20pm NBC = Dallas


Monday football night, November 23, 2009

Minnesota vs Chicago (home) 8:30pm ESPN = Minnesota

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NFL week 15, predictions,2009

25 days ago


Week 15
Thursday, December 17 TIME (ET) TV

Indianapolis vs Jacksonville (home) 8:20pm NFL = Indianapolis

Week 15
SUN, December 19 TIME (ET) TV

Dallas vs New Orleans (home) 8:20pm NFL = New Orleans

Week 15
SUN, December 20 TIME (ET) TV

Arizona vs Detroit (home) 1:00pm FOX = Arizona

New England vs Buffalo (home) 1:00pm CBS = New England

San Francisco vs Philadelphia (home) 1:00pm FOX = Philadelphia

Miami vs Tennessee (home) 1:00pm CBS = Tennessee

Houston vs St.Louis (home) 1:00pm CBS = Houston

Atlanta vs NY Jets (home) 1:00pm FOX = Atlanta

Chicago vs Baltimore  (home) 1:00pm FOX = Baltimore

Cleveland vs Kansas City (home) 1:00pm CBS = Cleveland

Cincinnati vs San Diego (home) 4:05pm CBS = San Diego

Oakland vs Denver (home) 4:05pm CBS = Denver

Tampa Bay vs Seattle (home) 4:15 FOX = Seattle

Green Bay vs Pittsburgh (home) 4:15 FOX = Green Bay

Minnesota vs Carolina (home) 8:20pm NBC = Minnesota


Monday football night, November 23, 2009

NY Giants vs Washington (home) 8:30pm ESPN = NY Giants

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2009 College Bowl Schedule

30 days ago


College Bowl Schedule for 2009/10

Picks and predictions are on the way! Check back soon:)

Saturday December 12, 2009

Army vs Navy (home) 2:30pm EST

Saturday December 19, 2009

New Mexico Bowl

Fresno St. vs Wyoming 4:30pm EST

St. Petersburg Bowl

UCF vs Rutgers 8:00pm EST

Sunday December 20, 2009

New Orleans Bowl

Southern Miss vs Middle Tenn. St. 8:00pm EST

 Tuesday December 22, 2009

Las Vegas Bowl

Oregon St. vs BYU 8:00pm EST

Wednesday December 23, 2009

Poinsettia Bowl

Utah vs California 8:00pm EST

Thursday December 24, 2009

Hawaii Bowl

Nevada vs SMU 8:00pm EST

Saturday December 26, 2009

Little Caesars Bowl

Ohio vs Marshall 1:00pm EST

Meineke Bowl

Pittsburgh vs North Carolina 4:30pm EST

Emerald Bowl

Boston Coll. vs USC 8:00pm EST

Sunday December 27, 2009

Music City Bowl

Kentucky vs Clemson 8:30pm EST

Monday December 28, 2009

Independence Bowl

Texas A&M vs Georgia 5:00pm EST

Tuesday December 29, 2009

Champs Sports Bowl

Miami (FL) vs Wisconsin 8:00pm EST

Wednesday December 30, 2009

Humanitarian Bowl

Bowling Green vs Idaho 4:30pm EST

Holiday Bowl

Arizona vs Nebraska 8:00pm EST

Thursday December 31, 2009

Armed Forces Bowl

Houston vs Air Force 12:00pm EST

Sun Bowl

Oklahoma vs Stanford 2:00pm EST

Texas Bowl

Navy vs Missouri 3:30pm EST

Insight Bowl

Minnesota vs Iowa St. 6:00pm EST

Chick-fil-A Bowl

Virginia Tech vs Tennessee 7:30pm EST

Friday January 1, 2010

Outback Bowl

Northwestern vs Auburn 11:00am EST

Gator Bowl

West Virginia vs Florida St. 1:00pm EST

Capital One Bowl

Penn St. vs LSU 1:00pm EST

Rose Bowl

Ohio St. vs Oregon 4:30pm EST

Sugar Bowl

Florida vs Cincinnati 8:30pm EST

Saturday January 2, 2010

International Bowl

South Florida vs Northern Illinois 12:00pm EST

Cotton Bowl

Oklahoma St. vs Mississippi 2:00pm EST

Papa John' Bowl

South Carolina vs Connecticut 2:00pm EST

Liberty Bowl

Arkansas vs East Carolina 5:30pm EST 

Alamo Bowl

Michigan St. vs Texas Tech 9:00pm EST

Monday January 4, 2010

Fiesta Bowl

Boise St. vs TCU 8:00pm EST

Tuesday January 5, 2010

Orange Bowl

Iowa vs Georgia Tech 8:00pm EST

Wednesday January 6, 2010


Cent. Michigan vs Troy 7:00pm EST

Thursday January 7, 2010

BCS Championship

Texas vs Alabama 8:00pm EST

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NFL week 14, predictions,2009

1 month ago


Week 14
Thursday, December 10 TIME (ET) TV

Pittsburgh vs Cleveland (home) 8:20pm NFL = Pitt

Week 14
SUN, December 13th TIME (ET) TV

NY Jets vs Tampa Bay (home) 1:00pm CBS = NY Jets

New Orleans vs Atlanta (home) 1:00pm FOX = Atlanta

Cincinnati vs Minnesota (home) 1:00pm CBS = Cinncinati

Detroit vs Baltimore (home) 1:00pm FOX = Baltimore

Buffalo vs Kansas City (home) 1:00pm CBS = Kansas City

Green Bay vs Chicago (home) 1:00pm FOX = Green Bay

Carolina vs New England (home) 1:00pm FOX = New England

Miami vs Jacksonville (home) 1:00pm CBS = Jacksonville

Seattle vs Houston (home) 1:00pm FOX = Hosuton

Denver vs Indianapolis (home) 1:00pm CBS = Denver

Washington vs Oakland (home) 4:05pm FOX = Oakland

St.Louis vs Tennessee (home) 4:05pm FOX = Tennessee

San Diego vs Dallas (home) 4:15 CBS = San Diego

Philadelphia vs NY Giants (home) 8:20pm NBC = NY Giants


Monday football night, November 23, 2009

Arizona vs San Francisco (home) 8:30pm ESPN = Arizona

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Adrian Peterson speeding 109mph in 55 zone

1 month ago


Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was pulled over and issued a citation for driving a little bit to fast (109mph in 55 zone).

  I guess he was in a hurry driving his suburban on a Minneapolis highway.

  Last week i was stoped drining my "speedstar car" and i was given $250

  ticket:(. I am wondering how much was his ticket

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Accident at Cowboys Stadium

1 month ago


Building Footab stadiums could be dangerous. Two workers fell from the roof of Cowboys stadium. How did they manage that? Good thing about this accident is that they did not get hurt bad.

via []

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