Phil Jackson: "Kobe copied Jordan, the comparisons are weak, Kobe's fading".

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Submitted by Jordan

Date: 11-25-2009 08:02 PM

Description: Phil Jackson: "Kobe copied Jordan, the comparisons are weak, Kobe's fading".

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Gone with the wind
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Rumors about Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson might be abandoning his team soon and perhaps going to the Cleveland Cavaliers is circulating. Jeanie Buss has been noted saying it is plausible; and whether he is training the LA Lakers or not, he will defiantly be training somewhere. It is only a matter of time before the rumors prove to be true or not, and all we can do is wait and watch.

Offline Jordan
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It's not that i hate Kobe, i just hate when ppl compare him to Jordan. He is not even close to be on that level as Michael.
You are right i should not say Kobe is fading... I just think he will never be as MJ was and Phil Jackson knows that too.

Offline lucky1one
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Yes, Phil Jackson said that Kobe copied Jordan's mannerism while growing up. That's not unusual. Kids emulate people they admire, whether it is a sports star or their parents. No, Phil Jackson did not say that Kobe is a weak comparison to Jordan. He was referring to Kobe's display of Jordan's mannerism (i.e, tongue sticking out). As Kobe became older and came into his own as a basketball player, his mannerism faded. He didn't say kobe is fading. You either totally misunderstood what Phil Jackson said or simply misrepresenting what he said on purpose. It's okay to feel that Jordan is the best player ever. You'll probably find a majority of people who would agree with you on that. However, to make things up simply because you hate Kobe is stupid.

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